Imagine waking up to discover that the life you thought was real never was.
That your real life is actually lived somewhere else, and the love you thought was lost will go on forever.
A wise person once told me: "There’s a reason for everything."
Sarah Shaw — pulled off a cliff
Emma Blackstone — shoved out a window and trampled by a horse
Mattie Williams — stung to death by bees
Cora Thomas — pushed in front of a train
Edith Young — impaled
Rachel Ellis — shoved off a boat
Lois Smith — hit by a bus
Muriel Walters — ugh…another bus
Lucille Marshall — involuntary manslaughter
Veronica Edwards — undetermined

What do all of these names have in common? They all died long before they were meant too, and they were all ME. If there’s any truth to that saying at all, there had better be a good reason for this!
"Enlightened" is the first book of a fictional trilogy, written by Billie Kowalewski.
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